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Microsoft and Lowe today made it clear that a pilot project that will demand the Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality check to the wide range of Lowe hardware stores. With HoloLens Lowe wants to give customers the opportunity to see different design options for their kitchens, countertops, appliances, etc. without having to put them together.

Lowe’s will initially use HoloLens at select pilot stores in the Seattle region, where the focus is on remodeling the kitchen. My Lowes Life holograms allow customers to choose taps, the size of their kitchen islands, and other options for their renovation job. Then another pilot takes off in North Carolina.

With all this, you don’t have to wonder quickly (and maybe take a few trips back to the store) if this stainless steel faucet or the most triumphant gold faucet would look great for your chef.

The broader vision is to imagine again what the renovation of the houses will be like in the future. Microsoft argues that “Mixed Reality” (the company’s preferred term for augmented reality) allows customers to stay in the physical model of the kitchen and “see holograms of options and adjustments in this existing physical space, only physical options.” In the long term, the company also wants to address other areas of home reform.

Why MyLowesLife?

My Lowes Life is one of the best portals to have access to all their job-related details easily. Usually, not many employees like to waste their time by visiting the HR department every time they want to get any sort of information.

Thus, the My Lowes Life portal eliminates the need for visiting the HR department again and again. They can check all the information they want by just submitting their login credentials on the online portal.

It is extremely easy for the Lowes employees to register and sign in to the official My Lowes Life account.

Also, the employees are notified regarding each and every update about the company after they register on the My Lowes Life online portal.

My Lowes Life promotes and encourages digitalization to a great extent. The employees just love using this online portal. This portal also helps the employees to stay in touch with their colleagues.

“While kitchens and showrooms are just the beginning, we envision this solution would be a great way to look at home improvement options for individual homes,” wrote Scott Erickson, HoloLens general manager today. ‘hui. Just as people often put cardboard strips or diagrams of new furniture in their living rooms to properly assess size and scale in terms of physical options – imagine a better replacement, easier to replace, and hologram controlled.

The online My Lowes Life portal has also helped the management team of the Lowes to a great extent.

The $ 3,000 HoloLens Developer Edition will be available on March 30. It is also the first day of Microsoft’s annual developer conference. We hope to learn more about Microsoft’s plans for the “holographic operating system”.

Desktop Metal raised $ 45 million through a C Series funding cycle to develop desktop 3D printers for the fabrication of metal objects. The My Lowes Life company wants to offer small businesses and designers who can’t afford previously available technologies or can’t find a place to work in metal. GV (formerly known as Google Ventures) managed the investment along with BMW iVentures and Lowe’s, the hardware store, the hardware store. Funding will increase Desktop Metal’s total capital to $ 97 million.

With metallic 3D printers, My Lowes Life companies can build and test components for new medical devices, robots, and vehicles, from F1 race cars to spaceships. However, 3D metal printers are among the most expensive manufacturing machines on the market and are sold by companies like 3D Systems, EOS, and Arcam for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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