The drug trafficking controversy at UPSers

A group of United Parcel Service (UPS) employees has been accused of smuggling counterfeit drugs and vaporized oils from Mexico and selling illegal products to the United States for at least a decade.

Authorities arrested eleven people in Tucson, Arizona, including four UPSers drivers and supervisors. The Department of Homeland Security announced its duties in the alleged smuggling ring. Investigators said the suspects carried thousands of pounds of marijuana and other drugs from Mexico to standard US boxes each week to bypass security measures.

Mario Barcelo, a 20-year-old UPSers employee responsible for the shipment, was charged with the operation. In a press release, federal authorities said authorities learned of the operation in 2017. Barceló was arrested on November 13.

According to prosecutors, Barcelo, 49, used his position at UPS’s distribution facility in Tucson to ensure that drug shipments were loaded onto the correct trucks and shipped to their destination. Tucson officials have been investigating Barcelo since 2009, the Washington Post reported.

Prosecutors said Barcelo and the suspects are expanding their supplies of marijuana to more lucrative drugs and vapor pens on the black market.

Secret agents disguised as drug traffickers contacted Barcelo in 2018 and 2019 to send a fake shipment of cocaine. The trackers were placed in boxes of the products to document their movement and the phones of UPS employees were heard.

The police also received videos of the groups that coordinated the operations.

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Can you please explain the UPSers portal?

UPSers is an employee portal launched by the UPS employees to help them get all the job regarding details from one portal. This portal helps the employees to get rid of wasting their energy and time by visiting the HR department again and again.

Where can I access the UPSers portal?

You can access this portal at the address

Is it secure for me to register for this online portal?

Yes. It is extremely safe for each and every UPS employees to register on this portal. UPS has made sure that the portal is completely safe for each and every portal to access and use.

I am a retired UPS employee. Can I use the official portal?

Yes. This portal is designed for both, present and former employees. Thus, every current and former UPSers employee can efficiently use this online portal.

Drone-backed UPSers deliveries were often seen as the future, but a recent alliance between United Parcel Service (UPS), Workhorse Group, DroneUp, including the Virginia Center for Innovative Technology has shown that the eternity is now.

DroneUp, a Virginia Beach-based drone solutions company and its partners created a three-day simulation to collect data and assess the drone industry’s ability to deploy unmanned aerial systems as part of the test response o Coronavirus treatments in the United States. The simulation lasted from April 7 to 9.

Tom Walker, founder, and CEO of UPSers said the pandemic has brought the issue of drone delivery to the collective mind of the industry. The use of drones, particularly by commercial operators, in response to crisis events has been a topic of discussion for some time, he told Fox News about Operation Last Mile” and the success of the simulation. “COVID-19 highlighted the problem.

While many people in the industry have ideas or theories, there has never been an exercise with commercial operators and drone platforms that were available with real, actionable data, added Walker, a former Navy lieutenant. Commander. “It was our mission. We deliver large-scale deliveries in a difficult and real environment for several days and nights.”

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