The woman controversy at the Walgreenslistens

The Arizona woman said she “cried and humiliated herself” after an employee of the US pharmacy chain Walgreens refused to give her prescription drugs to stop the pregnancy, although she said she would end up miscarrying. .

Nicole Mone made an appointment with the doctor on Tuesday that her baby was not developing normally.

Knowing that her two-month pregnancy would not end, she had the option of being stopped for surgery or prescription medications and decided to do so.

When he went to a Walgreen in Peoria City to get his prescription, he said a pharmacist had refused to serve him for moral reasons, a position under company rules.

She told the BBC that the officer was “very small and not at all compassionate.”

Mone, 35, shared a photo from a business card that identified the pharmacist on social media.

The BBC contacted the store for a response but was informed that it was not available.

I was exposed to this pharmacist who explained my situation to my seven-year-old son and to five clients who, according to their ethical convictions, only had to be rejected, Mone wrote on Facebook and Instagram.

“I understand that we all have our beliefs. But what he did not understand is that it is not the situation that he expected, it is not something that I would like to have. It is something that I do not have. Have control. He has no idea what it is not” he just wants to hold a child accountable and can’t.

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She said her grandson “was trying to figure out what would make me mad and why.”

Mone said she was telling her story because she did not want other women to have similar experiences when “they are vulnerable and already suffering.”

In a statement to the BBC, Walgreens said he was investigating the case and “contacted the patient and apologized for the way the situation was handled.”

He said the company’s guidelines allow pharmacists “not to sell a prescription against which they have a moral objection.”

In this case, the team must send the prescription to another pharmacist or manager “to meet the patient’s needs on time.”

Instead, the proceeds were transferred to another Walgreens store. Mone picked him up there after asking the doctor for help to make sure the second pharmacy gave him.

She said Walgreens did not contact her to apologize, but a manager said she was sorry that Mone called the next day to report the incident.

In an update to his original Facebook post, which generated 33,000 responses at the time of writing, Mone said he contacted Walgreens headquarters and filed a complaint with the State Board of Pharmacy.

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