Clash of Clans for PC Download – 3 Best Ways

Here at New Political Centre, we have discussed a lot of ways to help you play games like clash of clans on PC.

However, because we thought that there needs to be an all-in-one resource for everything clash of clans, we wrote this amazing article that covers all the ways that you can use to download and play clash of clans on your Windows computer and beat your opponents with our strategy guides and quick cheat codes.

5 Ways to Play Clash of Clans on PC

1. Bluestacks

We’ve discussed this earlier in our other posts but since Bluestacks is one of the best android emulators for windows and offers a great experience for downloading and running different android applications like Whatsapp, Wechat and yes, Clash of Clans for your Windows PC.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Download Bluestacks from

clash of clans computer

2. Install Bluestacks. In case you face trouble, follow this video tutorial.

3. Once downloaded, run the bluestacks application and use the search function to find Clash of Clans.

4. Once installed, you can easily run it just like you’d run the app on your Android device.

If you’ve got doubts, how easy it is to actually play clash of clans, here’s a video that depicts how Bluestacks actually makes it dead easy to use these applications.

How to Download Clash of Clans without Bluestacks?

A lot of people don’t generally like Bluestacks. I’m not sure why one would dislike it but if you’re one of them then here are some other alternatives that you can go with and play this phenomenon that is built by Supercell on Windows.

1. Andyroid

Andyroid is one of the young players but astonishingly it is taking the android emulator market by storm and they know where the money is.

They’re exclusively targeting all those millions of users that are searching for tutorials on how to download different android apps and games on their windows pcs and laptops and by catering directly to them rather than the developers, they’ve been able to grow their user base really rapidly.

However, I know you’re more concerned about how it can help you, so here’s a direct tutorial on how to play COC with Andyroid:

1. Download Andyroid from here.

2. Install the application on your Computer. Awesome note : It works for both PC and Mac (a quick shoutout to you mac guys out there).

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to download and Setup Andyroid.

2. Youwave Emulator

A lot of people consider youwave to be the next best thing to bluestacks but I beg to differ because first, I particularly don’t like how it looks, second the website is not user-friendly and third, Andyroid is way cool.

Anywho, for those of you who have a bad taste in design and functionality, here’s how to play Clash of clans using Youwave.

1. Download Youwave from here.

2. Install the emulator just like any other app, Agree to the terms, keep hitting next until it install and the hit finish.

3. Then run the android icon that it generates on your desktop.

3. To find all your application, just hit the apps tab and all your pre-downloaded apps will show up in the left upper window.

4. To download a new app i.e. Clash of clans, just use the google search button in the lower left window and install it.

In case you face any issues,  just watch this tutorial by AndroidCentral.

3. Xpadian’s iPadian

Who says you have to stick to android emulators to enjoy mobile games on your PC. If you’re an apply fanboy, like I am then you’d much rather prefer to run an iOS emulator than Android. I mean we all know how awesome and user-friendly iOS is when compared to Android.

So, here’s an emulator that allows you to do just that.

Xpadian enables you to run iOS applications on your PC and for those of you who are on Android and thus couldn’t enjoy Boom Beach, guess what! With iPadian, now you can!

Here’s a complete overview video by iPadian that covers everything you need to know about using iPadian, downloading iOS applications and running them on your computer.

How to Play Clash of Clans on PC Web With Manymo

We have shared a lot of ways using which you can download and play clash of clans for PC and today we’ll be sharing how you can play this iOS and Android game on Web using Manymo.

Manymo is a light-weight, web-based android emulator that does not require you to install anything on your PC and is a great way for embedding apps in websites, development, collaboration and automated testing.

You can run this emulator directly from your browser and you can run pretty much every android app using its APK File.

But first please download the Clash of Clans APK File.

How to Download Clash of Clans on PC Web Interface

Step 1 : In order to play clash of clans on the web, first visit and register for a free profile. You’ll have to confirm your email id in order to be able to run the application.

clash of clans for pc

Step 2: If you haven’t already, download the apk file via the link mentioned above.

Step 3: Now, log in into your Maymo account and you’ll find the “Launch Emulator” link at the top right corner of the screen. Click the link.

Step 4: After clicking the link, you’ll be provided with two options. You can either run the emulator through a link or you can upload your own APK file to run the application.

Step 5 : Select the apk option and then you’ll be provided with an uploader box. Upload the clash of clans apk file that you downloaded before.

Step 6 : Once uploaded,the emulator will offer you different screen sizes that you can run the app in. I generally go with the largest screen size possible because it makes the game play more fun but you can choose whatever you like best.

Step 7 : Now, you can set up the game and your account just like you’d set it up on your Android mobile and you’re good to play the game.

If you’re looking for a more stable way to download clash of clans then read our guide on the 3 best ways to download and play clash of clans for pc.

It’s amazing that even though these applications were built for android and iOS smartphones alone, millions of people are looking for solutions to download these apps and games on their PCs and run them without having to own a smartphone.

I hope that you enjoyed this post on how to download Clash of Clans on PC using Manymo. Please keep on visiting New Political Centre Blog.

Goat Simulator for Mac Download (Latest Version)

In this guide we are going to provide links to download Goat Simulator for Mac OS X. We have given full tutorial for the same and we request you to kindly read the full tutorial.

You will find times when you wanted all the games galore on Windows and games consoles be available. But then instead of tablet computers, smartphones and your Mac are loving all the love recently.

This can be verified with the launch of Goat Simulator for these devices. But as we shall see in a short while, the game can nicely be played on a Mac. But before that, let’s have a closer look at this interesting name which is assume to be more of a joke when compared to a game.

Goat Simulator

Introduction: Goat Simulator on Mac Game

These things are head-butting, licking and bound along with some specific actions. The surroundings is pretty modest and can be investigated immediately. In addition, it includes people whom you bound and can “assault” and they’ll run away in a hurry.

The surroundings runs really smooth and features good number of detail. The draw distance may not be large but supplies the images oomph that is needed. The soundtrack is minimal where the game is introduced by a beginning track and after that fades away.

In the name, it may believe the game is some intoxicated guy’s joke on the simulator genre, but is full of parodies, jokes and deliberate easter eggs. There are deliberate glitches to get you laugh. Why don’t we take a look at the best way to bring the game around to your own Mac.

Goat simulator for mac

Download Goat Simulator for Mac using Bluestacks:

So that you can appreciate the game in your Mac, you’ll need a software. Additionally, it lets you get Google’s playstore to download games and these programs. Let’s dive in with the steps afterward.

  • It is possible to install from here!
  • Now all you need to do is double click on the setup file and start the installation process.
  • Begin Bluestacks once it finishes.
  • After set up, you’ll be at Bluestacks’s home display.
  • On the top search bar search for “Goat Simulator”.
  • When the game is found by Bluestacks, it is going to take you directly to the playstore page of the game.
  • Come back to home display, after installed and you are going to see the game listed there.
  • Select the game’s icon to start the game.
  • Internet connection will be needed by you during the complete procedure. So with this, you have some fun on your own Mac while playing this amazing game.

So, I think you enjoyed this guide on Goat Simulator on Mac Download and if you faced any issue while going through the post then kindly comment and let us know about it.

Download 94% for Mac Desktop (Free)

Today I will show a how to Download 94% for Mac Desktop (Free). Tired of all the regular games so that you can pass time? It’s quite possible that you’ve got actually spent hours on board games, chess, solitaire and pinball and want to do something distinct and unique.

It’s quite exceptional in its features. We are going to see is a quiz game, unlike present ones. The game doesn’t expect one to reply a 100% but just a 94%. Interested? But alas! But as with everything else, you will surely appreciate the game in your Mac. Bluestacks will function as the response to your question that is entire. How? Let’s see…

94 for mac

Introduction : 94% A game for Mac

Coming in the originators of 94 degrees and 94 seconds, this quiz game takes an entirely different strategy than conventional games. Now you understand why this is so quite distinct and goes against the standard of 100% right responses for quiz games.

The game’s on-line user count surpasses 25 million and multiplayer component means which you really get a chance to play with challengers that are actual at the same time.

As you move advance you’ll begin to face more demanding questions and finishing the jobs as is common with games means you unlock additional goodies.

How to Download 94% on Mac?

  • Start the Bluestacks applications once the installation concludes. For the very first time, you’ll be needed to establish your Google account and your default language.
  • You can create one or use your present Gmail ID and password for this particular account sync. This measure is required to get the Play store for the game setup.
    After done, you may land at the home display. On the leading search bar, kind “ ” and search because of it to 94%.
  • Return to home display and select the game’s icon to begin the game once the installing of the game finishes.

94 for mac answers

By using Bluestacks in your Mac, you are able to appreciate this jewel of a game. You can even try other apps out in the Play store using a process that is similar!

I hope you got an idea ow to play it and why it is so popular. So download it and enjoy 94% on Mac. If you have any doubt then share it with me.

Download Kingdom Rush for Mac with Bluestacks

Hello friends today’s post is dedicated to Kingdom rush and I will tell you how to Download Kingdom Rush for Mac with Bluestacks. Kingdom Rush is a prominent Tower shield strategy game.

The originators have paid lots of focus to the layout, which will be appealing and fulfilling. The layout is incredibly adorable and filled with animations.

Kingdom rush for mac

It’s areas, creatures, heroes, and a variety of towers, making the game play quite addictive and completely distinct. Tower upgrades will consistently bring something new to see and let you find much more through the effort.

Kingdom Rush contains the tower shield strategy mechanisms that are fundamental and in addition the theory has developed by various means. A perfect fit for folks who enjoy strategy games.

Features of Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush provides you with an invigorating encounter that is tactical. The primary effort has added seven bonus ones which are refilled after you finish it and twelve degrees. You must select the towers in accordance with the scenario, which is in defining your result an important choice.

Every degree will have twenty enemies that are different and each enemy has a feature that is very distinct. Some can fly, have magical abilities or Armour. Game play is nicely designed and fairly secure.

You attain stars, which are quite vital to update your towers after you finish your degree. You should unlock heroes as you progress, to defeat enemies. The variety of tower is catchy and to update one of them is even more critical.

How to download Kingdom rash for Mac?

The setup is suitable and simple. Whatever you must do is get an applications emulator that is trustworthy. You may find many accessible over the Internet, we urge you the Bluestacks that is popular. To play with Kingdom Rush on your own Mac simply follow these measures:

  1. Visit the official web site or download Bluestacks app player in your MAC.
    Set up the app player and follow the directions.
  2. Click the search result and begin the setup process.
  3. You’ve got nothing to do after you happen to be whole installing the file.
  4. Only, click on Kingdom Rush icon and you happen to be all place you are set to play with the most exciting strategy game in your Mac!

Kingdom rush download

It’s clear you will locate Kingdom Rush gratifying if you should be thinking about tower shield strategy genre. This can be a must have for all game fans of the genre. There is not anything relating to this game that you’re not going to adore.

It’s possible for you to play with it or enjoy a master, believing exact measures of your wide-ranging scheme.I hope that you have got an idea about how to download and install it on PC and if have any doubt then share with me.

Angry Birds Go for Mac Download with Emulator

Today I am going to show you how to Download Angry Birds for Mac with Emulator.In constructing a distinct label Rovio has definitely worked. This can be a first rate kart racer which provides a funny, fast and exciting playable surroundings.

The well known birds consistently had a fashion, which can be distinctively interpreted, therefore, offering a fresh way to play. Its supremacy enlarges with interesting new content and amazing images.

Angry Birds Go for Mac

How to play it?

You can unlock additional degrees and get the better of the pigs. For the very first time ever it is possible to see Piggy Island as your favorite character in a 3D setting that is fantastic. You will race with through enchanting and vibrant speedways, canyons, stunt roads, air classes, etc, with the immediate game pattern.

The pigs, they believe, they’ve all the prizes but these birds are prepared to take down them. The game has everything broken up into occasions that are fascinating unlike the go straight races.

It’s possible for you to select among Fowl that are distinct as you go. You’ll discover various attributes including tipping flexibility; special abilities that are amazing.

For an example, exceptional power for a bird that is reddish is reddish razzmatazz, which will be a speed booster. These fundamental boosters will allow you to accumulate coins, so that things can be purchased by you along the way. You can update strength, management, your top speed and acceleration using coins.

In accordance with the degree of problem you choose you’ll be able to use the handcarts that are trendy like Tape Deck, The Music Maker or Semi skimmer to defeat against the bad pigs. Everything is done quite great with funny sounds and wonderful graphics to make this game worthwhile.

How to Download Angry Birds on Mac?

If you not need an Android apparatus, you can even play with it in your Mac. Bluestacks is recommended by us because it is extremely simple to install.

  1. It’s required for you to use your Google account also.
  2. Click to install it when you see the effect and following the directions.
  3. After you finish the setup, click on the Angry Birds Go icon in your display that is MAC.
  4. That’s all readers! You are now prepared to play with Angry Birds Go in your Mac!

Angry Bird Go Download

It gives you lots of things to do. The racing that is hypnotic feeling when you see your entire favorite characters is beyond words.

I recently can’t put down this one, either it can maintain visuals, managements or attractiveness; this game will definitely deliver an enthralling gaming experience. If you have any questions then tell me I will solve it as soon as possible.

Mortal Kombat X for Mac Download & Install

Today I am going to guide you about Mortal Kombat X for Mac Download & Install on Mac. The outstanding NetherRealm Studios brings greater depth to the storyline it’s ever assembled. Mortal Kombat X is varied, extremely participating, and fiercely quick.

Mortal Kombat x

The fight mechanisms offered is rock solid which can not only capture non-fighting games enthusiasts focus but those will also surprise with a low view of the collection. Visual, the technicality and performance are striking than in the past, but you understand what’s going to allow it to be even better if you play it in your Mac machine is.

NetherRealm has brought storyline itself matters in a fighting genre game to an excellent storyline layout for every one of us. Mortal Kombat X reaches a whole new level of amusement with amazing and visually pleasing graphic.

For those gamers who like to play online multiplayer in addition to solo that is a must play. The hallmark Xray moves of fatalities and the string are rewarding.
At first you approach with lower level characters, but gain the edge of latest technology progress that is added in this version, and you’re permitted to construct your own fight of warriors.

The strikes, artifacts will provide you with encounter that is magnificent. Compete as a team with distinct characters, initially three with specific versions. Edition contains kind of assault, signature moves and combos that are different.

Attempt the combos that are appropriate in accordance with the scenario, because some are strong against a specific type of enemy. In addition, you get to unlock warriors that are considerably more strong as the game proceeds keeping you hooked and from apathy.

There’s so much that you’re going to find while playing Mortal Kombat X, in short it’s completely loaded, excellent, and daring. The encounter you are going to have when you play with it on your own Mac is even thrilling and more exquisite. In this section I ‘ll supply measures, which will allow you to get Mortal Kombat X in your MAC.

How To Install Mortal X for Mac by using Emulator

  1. To create the emulator on your Mac, run the setup directions file and follow.
  2. Start the emulator and reach on the search box to locate Mortal Kombat X.
  3. Search results will be seen by you with Mortal Kombat X as name,
  4. Click on the  Install button of first result and Enjoy.

MortalKombatX download

For me this can be the greatest fighting game observed by me till date. Mortal Kombat X is an addictive game, entertaining, and a whole riveting.

This product has considerable content loaded into and hence, lots of methods to play both alone or on-line against friends on the daybed are not impossible If you have any doubt then tell me I will try best to solve it and thank you for reading this article.

Dungeon Hunter 5 for Mac & Windows PC Download

Welcome readers I have come with excitement game called  Dungeon Hunter 5. It is one of the most popular games in nowadays. This guide is truly dedicated to Dungeon Hunter 5 for Mac & Windows PC Download.

Nevertheless, as it continues to be the standard for many quarters, Gameloft is only concerned with the cellular telephone users, leaving the Mac users.

There’s unfortunately no equivalent in your Mac while Windows users can appreciate the encounter courtesy – Universal apps. Nevertheless, as you’ll see that Bluestacks can assist you matters are set to shift!

Dungeon Hunter

Introduction of Dungeon Hunter 5

The most recent episode of the game, rather than enlarging, concentrates on enhancing the heart encounter. The images and audio quality is hit with the right dialogues and excellent storytelling (backed up by an equally good background narrative).

The game consists with some magic spells thrown in of mainly hacks and slashes with your weapon. The narrative is bound to keep you going.The game won’t drive one to indulge in trade but you may must grind amounts that are specific to bring in the more improvement!

The weapon system is very simple master where it is possible to mix and match parts and update them as you go ahead with money that is virtual and you may also update weapons halfway through a degree.

How to download Dungeon Hunter 5 for Mac & Windows PC ?

So that you can appreciate the game in your Mac, you’ll need a software. The applications Bluestacks enables you to run any Android app or game and can create the Android environment in your Mac.

Additionally, it allows you to download the apps from Google Play store at the same time. Therefore why don’t we search the process afterward…From here download the most recent Bluestacks set up for Mac.

  • Alter your system settings such you could install apps from any source before installing.
  • Start the applications when it finishes. For the very first time, you will require to setup specific settings and your Google account for play shop access (you’ll be able to use your present Gmail ID and password or create a fresh one).
  • After done, you are going to see the house display. On the leading search bar, kind “ search for this and Dungeon Hunter 5”.
  • At the Google Play store page of the game, you will end up on an effective search.
    Come back to home display once it finishes and you are going to see the game recorded. Simply click on it to start the game.

Dungeon Hunter Free Download

I hope you have a clear idea about Dungeon Hunter 5 and you also have successfully downloaded on your Windows or Mac. So enjoy it and now do you have any queries then tell me I will try my best to solve it as soon as possible.

Sonic Dash for Mac Download on Windows 7/8/8.1

Hello friends be ready to have another experience of exiting app called Sonic Dash. I will guide you about Sonic  Dash for Mac Download on Windows 7/8/8.1. Sega has brought Sonic to the exact same class with the infinite runner names Sonic Dash. Yet the game is accessible for tablet computers and smartphones.

sonic dash

Introduction to Sonic Dash

You may believe your Mac is unlucky while Windows users can use Universal apps to appreciate the game on their PC. But such is undoubtedly not true as the game can be appreciated in your Mac at the same time.

We’re not quite unaware about the “infinite runner” writing style in games and here it’s if you will need a rehash. So you will end up attempting to get benefits, overcome on your own and your buddy’s records and not “complete” the game.

The primary goal will be to level up and get more custom improvements for the character to play better next time and because of this you’ll need to gather rings that are while running.

The reddish rings are specific ones that let you Rogue, Amy, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, Silver, Creme and purchase Blaze. Depending on the “Seaside Hills” amount of Sonic Heroes, the amounts are spruced up to 3D surroundings and modern high resolution displays.

The game does have IAPs which allows you to purchase power ups and customize the character. In addition, it features a boss fight an associate of Fatal Six, with Zazz .You must be thinking about getting it ready to go in your Mac.

How to Install on Mac and Windows 7/8/8.1 ?

So that you can have Sonic Dash for Mac, use the fact the game can be obtained for Android and you’ll need to have Android environment set up within OS X. Bluestacks is such applications that may emulate the Android environment as well as offer you access to Google Play store to buy and install games and apps from it.

  • Just click here to download the most recent Bluestacks set up for Mac and install it.
  • Start Bluestacks.
  • From where you should click on the “Install” button Bluestacks will take one to the Play store page.
  • Once the installation ends, return to your home display and the game’s icon will be seen by you.
  • Select the icon to begin the game.

sonic dash pc

With Bluestacks it is possible to love Sonic Dash and additionally perform in apps purchases too!If still you have any question regarding Sonic Dash and procedure of downloading, then please send it to me via comment box. I will try to solve it.

Newshunt for Mac & Windows PC Download

Welcome Friends Today’s post is quite interesting. Here I am going to guide you about Newshunt for Mac & Windows PC Download. Many people are getting used to it and are hesitant to embrace anything new, with the way technology appears to advance and at once reach individuals.

They can be clasping on to whatever promises to make things in life better and simpler. Smartphones are one such creation of technology that’s helped this generation a lot more than other things. They need life so they can love as much as the optimum degree to be simpler.

newshunt for Mac

Quick look at NewsHunt for PC:

Smartphones have resulted in the arrival of many programs which help us. Some programs which help us are incredibly popular. A few other programs which are incredibly popular are the ones that help us to understand the various location of the world readily.

NewsHunt is a App that compiles the significant news from throughout the world without needing to carry the paper together so your users can read it on their apparatus.

It gives you news from 85 distinct national and regional papers. The interface was designed in a sense the user gets what they needs quite readily without having to search for this.

The news is broken up into groups if you desire and you may also consult with a specific paper. You may also purchase e-books by means of this program and read it in your apparatus using this App.

But there’s rather several individuals who need as an alternative to using smartphones to use their Mac system. For all people who need to get this program from their Macs, NewsHunt for Mac was made. Use and to install this, you are going to need a software called BlueStacks in your system.

How to download NewsHunt?

BlueStacks is an android emulator that gives you the capability to run android in your PCs. It’s used extensively and is an extremely efficient applications which supplies the platform that is necessary so your apps may be used with no trouble.

Why don’t we now direct you to install NewsHunt in your Mac. Follow the measures mentioned here so that NewsHunt runs with no problem in your Mac system.

  • Download install it in your system and BlueStacks.
  • Open BlueStacks after setup.
  • Wait for this to download and after that install.
  • Then you are going to definitely not confront any difficulty installing or using
  • NewsHunt for Mac if you follow the steps mentioned.

If you follow the steps mentioned, then you will surely not face any problem installing or using NewsHunt for Mac. Even after that If you have ant query then share it with me and I will try my best to solve it.